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What is Indian Boards?

Indian Boards is a comprehensive database of Directors on the boards of NSE-listed companies and some prominent Unlisted Financial Sector Companies. The following information is available on the website pertaining to Board of Directors:

  • Basic Personal Information
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Occupation Details
  • Brief Profile
  • Directorships in Other companies
  • Membership of Board Committees (for NSE-listed companies only)
  • Linkages between Directors
  • Remuneration Data including Stocks Held (for NSE-listed companies only)
  • Cessation Data

Indian Boards is a joint initiative of NSE and PRIME.

What is the source of information provided on the website?

PRIME has reached out to all NSE-listed companies to provide details on their Board of Directors. An online format has been designed for submission of the said information. Out of the 1699 NSE-listed companies, 495 companies have already filed complete details of their Board of Directors with us while another 630 companies are in the process of doing so.

For the balance companies, which have not yet submitted any information, PRIME has captured the names of their Directors and some other basic information from public sources (company website/stock exchange websites etc.).

How often is your information updated?

All companies which have submitted the information have been provided with a User ID and Password to access the online form wherein they can make the necessary updations on an event basis.

PRIME, on its own, also updates the database on an event basis with appointments and cessations of all NSE-listed companies, captured from public sources.

What is the use of this information?

It is important that investors, analysts, regulators and the market know not only about the directors who are at the helm of affairs of a company but more so about the independent directors who are supposed to bring better corporate governance and protect the interests of the minority shareholders.

Clause 17 of the listing agreement mandates induction of independent directors on the boards of listed companies. It is generally believed that, though most companies have complied with Clause 17, many have done so more in letter. It is hoped that this website would generate public interest and debate about the quality and role of independent directors.

This website now also provides data on the boards of prominent unlisted financial sector companies as these are of high public interest.

Why am I able to see only names of Directors on the website?

The names of Directors of all NSE-listed companies are freely available on the website, without registration.

For any additional information, you shall be asked to register. Once you have registered, a Password shall be released to you within 24 hours.

Using the Password, you shall be able to view data for a limited number of companies/directors as well as view limited results for the Special Reports. This limited access shall give you a complete sense of the database including fields, coverage, search facilities, output reports etc.

Once you have exhausted your limited access and you wish to access more data, please write to us at stating your purpose for database access and specifying your data requirements.

How do I register myself on the website?

The registration is a simple one step process. It requires your basic details e.g. Name, Designation, Firm Name, Email ID etc. Once you have registered yourself on the website, a Password shall be mailed to your Email ID using which you can access the website.

Note: Please register using your official Email ID only. In case you do not have any official Email ID & still want to access the database, you can write to us directly at stating your purpose for database access and specifying your data requirements.

Click here to register.

Can I get the data on demand or customized reports?

Yes, you can get the data on demand or customized reports. Please mail us at specifying your requirements.

Can I get Alerts on Board Changes?

Yes, Indian Boards provides you the facility to receive Company-wise Board Changes Alerts and Daily/Weekly Board Changes Report.

Click here to subscribe to Indian Boards Alert Services.

Where can I contact regarding any error or discrepancy in information?

In case of any error or discrepancy, please mail us at

To view more data, you need to register with us.

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